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Shelley and Ali, Wedding Photography, Bournemouth Beach

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May 31st, 2015

When I first started studying for my degree in media production, way back in 2005, I never thought for a minute that I’d be sat here writing a blog about wedding photography, or the fact that the wedding I was blogging would happen to be one of my peers on said course! It’s funny how life pans out, anyway enough of the philosophical malarkey. Way too much for a Sunday evening

Shelly and Ali were married on Bournemouth beach back in Spetember. What a fabulous day that was. I mean you can’t go wrong with a beach wedding can you! The staff were amazing. They were on the ball with the schedule but they were never pushy and I don’t think there was one point of the day where I didn’t see a member of their staff smiling!

Here’s what Shelley and Ali had to say:

“Well what can I say? Picking Lucas as our wedding photographer was one of the easiest decisions we made!

I had seen a few pictures that Lucas had taken on his photography website and immediately fell in love with his creative flair, inspiration and warmth that each photo captured. I called up to speak to Lucas and his enthusiasm for the wedding plans made me feel really at ease, and I trusted that he would be fully invested in our interests, and the day as a whole.

As the wedding plans rolled along I kept in touch with Lucas and he wasn’t offended when I sent a load of pictures that I was hoping to get on the day. Can I just add that on the day I never even once looked at this piece of paper (even though I’d printed one for my bridesmaid to carry)

The day before the wedding we confirmed the timings for Lucas to come over while we all got ready. He came in and instantly put me at ease by saying he’d seen my husband-to-be and all was well! We went on to do a few shots of me in my dress and the traveling down to the beach in the cliff lift. Lucas had already been to recce the site and knew where to get the best shots of everything!

As the day went on it was clear that Lucas was such a professional! From rounding up all the guests on a beach, to thinking of a gorgeous confetti shot that I absolutely adore, to documenting everyone who was there. There seemed to be just the right amount of formal and creative pictures taken. One of our favourite creative photos is actually one that Lucas wanted to try with us linking our little fingers, as it shows off both of the rings.

We had been to a friends wedding (where Lucas had been the photographer on our recommendation) in between our wedding and getting our pictures back. I looked through some of their pictures as Lucas had set them up a laptop to do a slideshow of the day so far. They were beautiful and it made me so excited to get our pictures. I was looking at the presentation and saying to my husband ‘I’m sure I didn’t get any of my shoes because they were flip flops and barefoot jewellery’…‘I didn’t have a make up artist and so I’m sure there aren’t any of me getting ready like that’. We literally got the pictures on that evening and even though we got in late from the reception we went through every single one.

And there they were… pictures of me doing my make up, my wonderful bridesmaids looking beautiful and lacing me in my dress, a gorgeous couple of shots of my barefoot jewellery and flip-flops. Every single shot that I’d been debating in my mind whether we got or not, were there looking back at me! I was convinced Lucas must’ve been a photograph ninja, as I swear I’d not seen him take any of these photos. Each shot was better than the last and that’s a hard feat when you’re photographing a person who doesn’t like to be photographed!

I could not recommend Lucas more and if you are here reading this (long) review wondering whether to book Lucas or not, pick up the phone and do it. It’ll be the best thing you tick off your wedding ‘to-do’ list. Lucas documented the day perfectly and I could not have asked for better wedding photos. Thanks again Lucas for a wonderful job! ”

Shelley and Ali McMath

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